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Cornelia Tipuamantumirri


The National Gallery of Australia
W. & V. McGeoch Collection

Harriett & Richard England Collection
Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory Art Gallery of South Australia , Adelaide, SA

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Nsw Andrew Penn collection
Berndt Museum, University of Western Australia. WA Levi Kaplan Collection, Seattle, USA
Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Brice and Helen Marden collection


2013  Finalist 30th Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award

2012  Finalist 29th Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award





Cornelia Tipuamantumirri was born adjacent to the present day barge landing at Pirlangimipi, around 1930. When she was a young woman she would assist young weavers to aquire skill and knowledge in this artform. She would also teach the young ones traditonal Tiwi dance.

Cornelia Tipuamantumirri married Steven Tipuamantamirri as a young lady and has one child, a daughter, Dolores Tipuamantamirri. Cornelia Tipuamantumirri also helped raise a young boy from Peppimenarti, Harry Wilson, who was part of the Stolen Generation sent to Pirlangimpi and later married the wellknown Pepperminadi artist Regina Wilson.

Cornelia Tipuamantumirri uses the kayimwagakimi for her work, dipping the comb shaped carved ironwood into her ochre palette; shades of pinks and yellows to portray the reflections of her long life lived on the Tiwi Islands. Reflections also, of the skyes’ lights on the surface of the Arafura Sea.

Solo Exhibitions

2014  WARNARRINGA – JARRIKALANI; Alcaston, Victoria

2013  New Paintings
Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria

2011  Purunguparri (Stringy Bark Hut)’ Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria

Group Exibitions

2018   Nginingawula Awirankiniwaki
Hilton Double Tree Hilton, August 2018
2018   Yoi- Tanz im Mondenschein
ArtKelch Collectors Lounge, Stutgart, Germany
2018   Palaneri- Aboriginal Art Der Tiwi
Artkelch, fereiburg Germany
2018   One island one side. • Yati Ratuwati Yatuwati • Art Aborigène des Iles TIWI

Aboriginal Signature, Brussels, Belgium

2017   Earth Matters
Form: The Goods Shed; Claremont: WA; 6010; 29 September 17 to 27 February 2018

2017   Yrringinkirri Pwoja
Hilton Double Tree Hilton, August 2017

2017   Kiripapuranjuwi (skilled Hands)

Red Dot Fine Art Gallery; Singapore;February March 2017

2016  Point of difference;Desent to sea
Artitja fine Art at Engine Room.Perth.WA
2016  Ngawpila Jilamara Exhibition
Hilton Double Tree, Darwin
2016   Spirutual Materialism
Illena Tounta Art Centre, Athens , Greece
2016 Munupi Gallerie Luc Berthier Paris
2015   Being Tiwi
Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, NSW
2015  Tharnanthi; Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art
Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide
2015   Kuripapauranjuwi Ngini Ngawila Jilamara Kapi Ngawa Tiwi; We are the artists/creators for our paintings Hilton Double Tree, Darwin NT
2015   Ngawa munupula/ Ngawa Kiripapiranjuwi, new paintings from Munupi Art on the Tiwi Islands Outstation art from Art Centres, Darwin NT
2015   New Paintings
Martine Browne Contemporrary, Sydney, NSW
2014   Our spirits lie in the water
Yiribana Gallery, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney
2014  Ngawarraykiyama Najngawula; Stronger Together
Tiwi Art Network Annual Exhibition, Darwin, NT
2014   WE ARE TIWI, Munupi Artists from Melville Island
Artitja Fina Art, Fremantle, WA
2014  THE TIWI: Art from Jilamara & Munupi Art Centres
Kluge- Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection, Virginia, USA
2013   ‘Gallerist’s Choice’
Artmob Aboriginal Fine Art, Hobart, Tasmania
2013   Nginingawula Munupi Jilamara. Our paintings
Marshall Arts, Hyde Park, SA
2013 ‘Nga-wuja arungwapi We are going forward’

Tiwi Art Network Annual Exhibition, Darwin, NT

2012 Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin, NT

2012  TIWI: ART/HISTORY/CULTURE book launch
Aboriginal an Pacific Art, Sydney, NSW
2012  ‘Parlini Amintiya Awirankini’
Tiwi Art Network Annual Exhibition, Darwin, NT
2012  Tiwi Tradition – Munupi Artists of Melville Island
Artitja Fine Art, Fremantle, WA
2012  ‘Kirilima + Jarrikalani – Jungle Fowl + Loggerhead
Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
2012  ‘Masterstroke’
Harvison Gallery, Perth, WA
2011  ‘Painting & Pottery from Munupi & Ernabella’
Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Sydney, NSW
2011  International Grammar School Exhibition
Tali Gallery, Sydney, NSW
2011  ‘Nginingawila Kurrujipini (Our Colour)’

Tiwi Art Network, Darwin, NT

2011  ‘Munupi Artists of Melville Island’ Artitja Fine Art, Fremantle, WA

2010  ‘Kumunupanari (Season of Smoke)’ Tiwi Art Network Darwin, NT



2012 TIWI: ART/HISTORY/CULTURE, Jennifer Isaacs, The Miegunyah Press

2012 ‘A Lifetime of Looking Before Capturing Islands’ Rhythms’, Nicolas Rothwell for The Australian Newspaper

2013 Munupi Arts, Art Collector Magazine, Magnesium Media

2015 Being Tiwi; Being tiwi / edited by Natasha Bullock & Keith Munro; Museum Of Contemporary Art

2016 Spiritual Materialism; Dimitios Antonitsis; Illeana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre, Athens, Greece